I’m Alicia, a 23 year old, who just learned how to cook pasta. My lack of pasta making abilities essentially defines my culinary skills. This blog will detail my adventures in the kitchen and the unfortunate mishaps that are bound to occur.

Q: Wait, you never learned how to cook pasta?? Didn’t your parents teach you that? Have you ever heard of a thing called the internet? 

A: It’s not my parents fault. They tried. They really tried. I just somehow couldn’t grasp the concept of bringing water to a rolling boil. No amount of YouTube videos could make me understand when I should put my pasta in.

Q: How do you end up burning pizza?

A: Leaving it in the oven too long. It’s a skill that I’ve recently grown out of – I’m all about the frozen pizzas nowadays.

Q: So you really can’t cook?

A: I know how to make pb&j, turkey and cheese sandwiches and stuff that I can cook in the microwave. I once put a tablespoon of salt in chex mix instead of a teaspoon. You do the math.

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